Why Quinn Wealth Advisors is the right choice for you and your family

Quinn Wealth Advisors, LLC is a privately-owned, registered investment advisor focused on providing comprehensive financial advice and solutions to families, individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver independent expertise that is individually tailored to each client’s unique financial, retirement and investment goals.

  Our Values (click here)

Today, more than ever, investors are faced with a myriad of challenges – market volatility, economic uncertainty and the impact of increased regulations. Trying to identify the right advisor from among the wide range of sources only adds to the complexity.

  Our Pledge

Because proactive communication and trust are fundamental to our business, our pledge is to offer unbiased, objective guidance regardless of market conditions and economic circumstances.

  The Quinn Wealth Advisors Difference

Kevin Quinn has been guiding clients in a broad range of financial matters for more than 30 years. His proven investment process and three constant guiding principles have been keys to his success:


    By putting clients first, Kevin has earned their trust. Many relationships have lasted for more than 30 years. This is only possible when clients are confident that their interests always come first.


    In addition to trust, clients choose a financial advisor whose expertise and unbiased guidance leads them toward the achievement of their goals and whose interests are aligned with those of the client’s.


    Clients expect and receive proactive communication on a number of topics. This is consistent with our commitment to personalized client interaction.